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My very personal wish and prayer for you.

First, thank you so much for using this site. I appreciate the privilege of being a little pointer that may lead you to something as incredible as your pregnancy.

Before I ever did the first pieces of research or wrote one word for this site, I had a wish. A humble, simple wish for hopeful women not to suffer.

Back when I was very young, I remember my mother crying, alone in her bedroom.

She miscarried very early and most people never had a hint she was even pregnant. She suffered in silence, her tears cut through my being like they always did. I could never stand to see my mother unhappy or suffering.

This set something off, deep inside of me. For the rest of my life, so far, I have connected so deeply with the pain and suffering of those who have either been unable to get pregnant or those who lose the baby during any stage.

The pain is so deep. So profound. Such a raw, open, empty and helpless feeling.

These beautiful humans, the same type of beings as me, suffering so greatly. Often in silence. My family, friends, neighbors and fellow humans in our little family of Earth-ness...  I love us. I love you. I am so sorry for any level of suffering you ever have or will face in your life. The same goes for your immediate family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, people in your country and world.

We share the same sun, the same air, the same sky, the same love and the same pain.

It is my personal wish and prayer for you to be happy. Genuinely, truly and deeply happy. Not the same plastic, 1 size fits all smile, tone of voice and exaggerated movements that we typically mock as happiness - but whatever that means for you, personally. The things you love and enjoy, the sounds, the feelings, the people... all of it.

May you be healthy in ways that provide you a life that is "just long enough" for you. By your terms. If it's 70 or 120, that long. A life that has minimal physical and mental suffering. A life that is so healthy the only pills you need are of your own choosing to supplement your already good health.

I wish and pray for you to have more joy than you can ever count or contain. More laughter than you could ever measure. Experiences that let you learn and grow and smile in wonder for what an incredible life this is for you.

I personally wish for you more strength than necessary for all the challenging times. So you may meet every challenge, head on and push forward as many times as necessary for you to get all you desire in this life and more. Including, of course, you getting pregnant.

I have a belief that in a very general way, there are 2 types of people... those that know what they want, and those that don't.  I understand the challenge it is in today's society to have the strength and courage to decide what you want - when the cell phones, televisions, media, politics and other distractions are so overwhelmingly against that level of focus and dedication in our lives.

I believe that if you are one of those people that put yourself "out there" even if you're afraid, unsure or just trying for the first time - to make those decisions when it suits you... "I want THIS!" then you should get what you want if you're willing to work for it.

You are here. That tells me something about you. You woke up from the haze of televisions, gossip, cell phones and whatnot to say, "HEY! not only do I want this, but I want to know how can I do it".

I identify with people like you.

I love people like you. I want good things for people like you because I feel like you deserve it.

All people deserve it in a way, but people like you, take the extra step. You claim personal responsibility and know there are things you need to do to get it. You seek out those ways, you follow the steps and yes, YOU truly deserve it!

It is my personal wish and prayer - for YOU to get pregnant easily.

May you be blessed with the health, relaxation, playfulness, fertility, timing, information, practices and circumstances that provide YOU with a beautiful, healthy pregnant body - resulting in an incredible baby for you to cherish for the rest of your life.

If for whatever reason this is not your first time trying, it is my personal wish and prayer that you have so much strength and focus that additional efforts seem more like a game to you - and instead of suffering and pain, you feel joy, gratitude, happiness and a sense of peace in knowing that you are blessed with the option of trying again.  This time, you have more information, more tips, more resources and you are more relaxed and more prepared than you have ever been before.

It is my humble wish, my deep and sincere prayer for you to become pregnant and raise a beautiful family that generates love like a power plant that nurtures you all, your immediate environment and the world we live in.

Bless you.

Bless your skin, your muscles, your bones, your veins, arteries, every system in your body.  Bless your mind, your spirit, every individual cell and everything that makes up those cells.

May a loving energy nurture and protect you and your life and all you come into contact with.

May love and hope and possibility and joy be yours abundantly.

May you always have things to want - but never need for anything.

As I sit here, alone and quietly typing this. I just want to express how deeply and genuinely this is meant. And by all means, if any piece of this site speaks to you in a useful way - come back and fuel yourself with it again and again.

If it is just a sentence, write it out, keep it in your purse. Repeat it to yourself regularly. Whatever it takes to make your steps a little easier. That's what this is all about. Not only do I believe in you - but I believe in your ability to believe in yourself!

Take these tools and use them.

If you know someone in a similar situation, share this site with them. Let's help each other to help ourselves. It's time for this to really happen.

Bless you. With all the loving care I am capable of generating with my thoughts and prayers - bless every second of your life and every cell of your being 1,000 times over.

Let it be so!

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