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Tips to help you get pregnant

You will find more general tips on this page that weren't covered on the mind and body pages. Though some of the ideas may have something to do with those categories, I wanted to keep from writing a massive book on each topic so I didn't scare you away.

It is my sincere hope that by keeping the pages shorter, with targeted information you will find this very approachable and easy to follow and use. Let's get back to the tips...

Save the sperm

When choosing lubricant, artificial lube may destroy sperm, so if you can avoid it, do. Otherwise, try something more natural like mineral or canola oil, coconut oil makes an excellent lubricant too!

Get a checkup first

Before you start officially trying to get pregnant, be sure to get checked out. You will want to know if there are any specific challenges you may need to address when preparing. Additionally, it's always nice to hear much of the good advice you got here repeated, you're more likely to act on it that way.

Don't overdo it

We humans are funny creatures. We figure that if 1 of something is good, 20 must be better. Not the case, so don't have sex every spare second you have. The every other day method outlined on the body page is sufficient, use the in between time to nurture yourself and get some rest.

We want to keep sex fun and the entire process of getting pregnant as light as possible. The last thing we want is for any of this to seem like just another job.

The act itself.. and beyond

There's a lot of information out there about what sexual position you should use for the easiest way to get pregnant. The most recommended position I have found is the "missionary" position, also known as straight up, vanilla sex with the female on her back and the male on top of her. You can also put a cushion under the pelvis which may help.

After intercourse, it is recommended to lay in bed for 10 minutes up to a half hour. That is a total of all the information I've gone over. The recommendation what you do in that time varies depending on the source. I've seen it mentioned that a number of women recommend lying on your back and bicycling your legs in the air for a few minutes. Others suggest keeping a cushion under the pelvis to help gravity do its job. More sources stated simply laying flat on the back was ideal.

Why not try them all? They are free and easy ideas that come from people who have been there before us. Couldn't hurt!

Don't take my word for it

Sure, I've been on the planet for a few dozen years and counting. Yes, I have life experiences, have known plenty of people, heard all kinds of stories and have done a bunch of research on the subject and that's all great. But the fact remains, I'm just one person.

You may find that doing your own research from a different location, with different life experiences, different ideas and different methods of searching you will find resources I never did. There is certainly no shortage of information, tips, remedies and experiences out there to pull from.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, nobody knows everything. Even with the greatest of intentions and information, there may be some strange little thing that everyone else overlooked that might be exactly what you needed to get pregnant the easiest way.

So now what?

If you haven't seen the body and mind pages of the site, check those out - there's a bunch of very useful information that is worth taking in and putting into practice.

If you have found those pages beneficial and ended up at this page last, there's one additional page of resources for more help getting pregnant. These are things that have proven over time to help people, so I provide them here for you as a way to hopefully make it even easier for you to get pregnant.

My personal thinking on the journey of getting pregnant is if it is cheap, free and / or easy - it is absolutely worth the time and effort required to put into practice. I would never recommend something that would cost thousands of dollars or put anyone at risk in any way. Those type of decisions are between you and your doctor. My belief is this process should be learned about, planned and played with until the desired result, your pregnancy comes to be.

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