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Using a healthy mindset to your advantage so you can get pregnant

The mind connection to getting pregnant is stronger than we ever imagined...

Don't take pregnancy for granted or overlook the miracle

Many people treat themselves like a vending machine, demanding a baby instantly without any thought of the magic and sacred wonder involved. If it doesn't happen they get angry, sad, impatient and an assortment of bad feelings about themselves and life in general. That's a shame.

Others, try for years and would give just about anything for the opportunity to get pregnant. So many efforts with negative results can be the source of so much pain and suffering. If you were to focus solely on that, it would increase and it would feel like there was no point in even trying. Let's get to work on that.

Carrying, generating or opening yourself to take more stress is definitely not the easiest way to get pregnant.

What you think really does matter

If you take no as an ultimate answer, you will not open yourself to possibility and therefore not try options that are available, dooming yourself to failure or, as they call it, a self fulfilling prophecy. Some people thrive on negativity like this just for the badge of honor they believe they get by saying, "see? I told you it wouldn't work!" - which is sad and unfortunate.

Society has come a long way - but we're still quite ignorant when it comes to how we should treat ourselves and each other. The shift is coming, but we'll need to work toward this and evolve mentally if we want the best chances of getting pregnant and for the life of the baby once born.

A good way to start is by opening ourselves to possibility. Instead of accepting a "no" from one person, be it a friend, family member, doctor or even yourself - consider the fact that there is no way that person knows everything. There are so many things about the human mind, body and life that we have no clue about. We'll be learning forever, life is too miraculous to just know so easily.

Maybe, just maybe if you went at this playfully and enjoyed yourself it would serve you many times over.

It's so much though. Where should someone start?

How about by softening the thoughts and language you use. Let's say you've tried before and it didn't work out. Did you blame yourself? Be honest!

Let's start with me asking you to please, not do that. Let's get rid of fault and blame forever, shall we?

We can get by just as well by simply claiming responsibility. If it was your responsibility to take the prenatal vitamins (or some other effort), that's as far as it needs to go. You don't need to call yourself names, or put such heavy, negative words like fault and blame into it. Claim responsibility, do better next time and try again.

A more positive view will help you in every aspect of your life, help reduce stress and make it possible for you to accomplish more with less effort because you won't be fighting against yourself as much!

Instead of thinking in terms of what you think you can't do - think in terms of what you can do.

There are no suggestions, techniques, methods, demands or tips here (or included in any of the links to other helpful resources) that you can't do. Nothing here is beyond your reach. I'm talking to you, specifically, reading this right now. YOU! I truly believe in you and if you were fully on board with this, you'd be amazed at what's possible for you!

Speaking of ability - as of the writing of this paragraph there is a woman named Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara who is the oldest verified mother on Earth. She was 66 years and 358 days (7 days short of being 67) when she gave birth to twins. This is a fact! Keep that in mind while you're putting together your plan of techniques to get pregnant.

Bathe yourself in the joy, sacredness and miracle of the situation

When we try and aren't 100% successful immediately, we can tend to focus on the negative. Instead, shift your focus to the incredible nature of this whole thing. Just the fact that you are alive, existing on this planet, can read these words and hum a little tune. All the while, your amazing body is repairing itself, growing your hair and fingernails, digesting your food and a whole host of other things.

This incredible human body has been capable of creating LIFE for millions of years. If you have any difficulty connecting with how sacred and fantastic life is, reflect back to when you lost someone you loved dearly. THAT is the SAME life we're talking about. It is truly incredible!

Reduce stress using relaxation methods

Softening your thoughts and language will truly help reducing existing stress and create less stress in the future. But as we all know stress comes from virtually everywhere. It's on TV, on the phone, at work, in traffic, at home and probably hiding in the back yard.

So we need some ways to reduce the stress of the past, present and for the future.

Hypnosis, meditation, laughter, enjoying nature, moderate exercise, being grateful and listening to music you enjoy are all very effective tools for reducing stress. They are all free or very cheap to do and when used as a practice can deepen your levels of peace and enjoyment while reducing stress which is stored in the body and mind.

Change your posture

Take your face and body and change their posture to a positive, healthy form. Sit or stand straight up with good posture, put a smile on your face and raise your hands above your head victoriously like you just won something. Don't just half-heartedly do it, put some playful energy into it - extra points if you say, "woo-hoo!" or "yes!" in an excited fashion. Stay like that a while.. maybe 30 seconds to a minute. Now relax. Do that from time to time, probably best to do when you're alone. We wouldn't want people to think you're weird at this point in your life, would we? Or, if it would bring you joy, try walking into a room of people like that!

Try using positive visualization

Imagine yourself happier. Imagine yourself relaxed, positive and healthier than you can remember. Imagine yourself feeling really good. While in this state, think positive things about yourself, your life, your friends, family, home, city, state, country and world. Feel free to repeat this as often as you like. It's zero calories!

Now let's take this to the next level...

Imagine yourself pregnant.

Imagine feeling the weight of the baby, growing inside of you as you're reading this. Imagine, with positive expectation what the first sounds the baby will make sound like. Imagine how soft and delicate the baby's skin feels to your touch. Imagine looking down into those completely innocent eyes and them struggling to find focus of your face. Imagine the clean and beautiful smell of baby. Imagine the taste of when you first try baby food to show the baby it's okay to eat.

Take your time and live inside these visualizations. Get all of your senses involved as often as possible. Imagine how much care you will take to raise this baby because you know the value and the miracle of its life.

Now imagine yourself with positive expectation lining up the techniques, strategies and ideas you are going to put into practice, daily, to give yourself and your partner the best chance of achieving this reality. See yourself joyfully going through the steps, watching your diet, exercising, shaping your positive focus, taking several measures to reduce stress and continuing your growing knowledge of getting pregnant to give yourself the best possible shot this time.

Even if you have days where you don't feel like it, you do it anyway. If you have little slip ups or mishaps, you continue forward as best you can. Playfully enjoy the entire process. Even in the absolute worst case scenario, you are here now and you have the privilege of trying. There is a dignity and an honor in that which some people never get the pleasure of tasting. Enjoy it for all it's worth!

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