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Get help from hypnosis - safe, gentle, effective with no side effects

Dealing with infertility, miscarriage or infant loss? Trying to get pregnant? Want some help?

It's a fact - miscarriage, infertility and infant loss are devastating.

People may mean well with advice and words of support - but they haven't been through it, so it's impossible for them to fully grasp the depth of pain you are going through. In time, forgive them - they genuinely have no idea how ignorant they are to the situation.

Infertility, stillbirths, miscarriages and infant deaths put us in a unique position. Angel babies are not typically honored in any way in society. Though October is awareness month, there's just no way for others to know what we are going through. We need to be the support system for ourselves and each other.

What I'm about to say is counter to what you would expect - but it's for a reason.

My controversial advice to you is the following:


That's right. Don't. DO - NOT.

Don't even focus on the possibility - it's not about that. Here's what to do:

1) Honor the loss

2) Cry and never be ashamed or apologetic for your tears.

3) Understand your guardian angel baby does not want mommy to suffer. You must function.

4) There are so many negative emotions swirling around within the dark emptiness of the pain, confront them as soon as possible, don't let them run away with your mind.

5) Do constructive, nurturing things for yourself to take the sharpest edges off the pain - like use self hypnosis tapes.

I use hypnosis for all kinds of things. It is safe, gentle, relaxing, effective and there are no side effects.

Here are some hypnosis titles that can be of benefit for you. You can download them and begin working them RIGHT NOW, which is nice!

Safe, secure, discreet, private and easy.

I have no way of knowing where on your journey you are. I have included multiple title to help as many people as possible. I am in no way trying to be disrespectful or insensitive to anyone because I have included future focused titles such as "pregnancy after miscarriage".  I hope you can understand the need for people in that place in their lives. Bless you.

There are many, many other specific self hypnosis programs available. But these are certainly the most important for this stage in your life.

They are cheaper than going to a local hypnotherapist, easier, much more discreet, you can use them any time, there are many, many benefits. I hope they serve you well.

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