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Did you know that a basic cycle of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the United States costs well over $10,000?

If you have been to the other pages on this site, you may have noticed that I never mentioned IVF or any other types of treatments, drugs or surgeries.

Firstly, because I strongly believe that in many, many cases it can be done quickly, cheaply and easily armed with the proper information, effort and nutritional supplements. You can buy full courses on getting pregnant and enough supplements and tools (basal thermometer, ovulation kits, home pregnancy tests, etc.) to fill suitcase for a tiny fraction of the cost of big time medical treatments.

Secondly, it's not my place. That is a massive investment and potential for risk. As any good doctor will tell you, there is no procedure that is without risk. These are conversations best left to you, your family and your medical team.

My philosophy is, since you have a cycle (opportunity) every month, why not give yourself the benefit of the doubt for a while with information and strategies you can easily obtain yourself.

So this page is to provide you with resources above and beyond what I have been able to cover here. Not only are there courses for getting pregnant, but also to raise a happy, healthy, intelligent child.

Here, I have only provided you with tested and proven resources that are backed by results and plenty of success stories to prove they are beyond their worth. Nothing listed here is expensive (especially compared to the alternatives) or difficult to follow.

Out of many books, courses, dvd's and such - I have found two sources that provide excellent information, results and value for getting pregnant.

Pregnancy Miracle - Has been providing hopeful women from all over the results they have been hoping for. Definitely worth looking into in my opinion.

The other top rated system for getting pregnant which has stood the test of time, scrutiny and provides results is called Pregnancy Approach.

On the mind page of this site, I mention the importance of relaxation and stress reduction. It really can't be overstated. One of the tools mentioned is hypnosis. I find the hypnotic state to be very pleasant, relaxing and useful to help retrain the mind for thinking and acting in beneficial ways of our choosing.

Self hypnosis is so easily obtainable now, affordable and effective - there's really nothing keeping us from beautiful relaxation and positive results simultaneously.

There are hypnosis products for connecting with your unborn baby, dealing with miscarriage, fear of pregnancy, infertility hypnosis, love your pregnant body, postnatal depression, preparing for caesarean, morning sickness, being positive through pregnancy, childbirth rehearsal, breastfeeding relaxation, enjoying motherhood and much more.

Fears, phobias, anxiety, stress reduction, eliminating bad habits - there is virtually no limit. One of the best things about hypnosis is, you do it quietly all by yourself - so nobody will even know you've been working on yourself. I like that!

So if that sounds like something you'd like to look into, here is a direct link to hypnosis for pregnancy titles and here's a general link to the entire hypnosis website so you can see everything they carry.

Whether your own or someone else's - having a baby shower can get a little stale once "you know who" starts talking negatively about the people who didn't show up. Keep the atmosphere light and fun with some Baby Shower Games!

You were able to get pregnant, the shower is over and it's time for the main event (YIKES!) - what to do?

Well, are you in a strange or strained relationship? Does it look like you'll be raising the baby alone or with an ex that drives you crazy?

Don't let the past insanity of a bad relationship ruin a beautiful thing - Successfully parent with your ex

Lastly, here are some very useful topics for areas that prove to be the most challenging in raising your precious one:

Body Mind Tips

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